About us

Grandiflora Gardens

Grandiflora Gardens is a boutique landscape design and horticultural maintenance company, based in Thornbury, Victoria.

We provide tailored garden solutions and development for people who love their gardens. From design to maintenance we utilise quality equipment and materials, have an eye for detail and maintain open communication to exceed clients expectations.

Grandiflora Gardens is a young and dynamic company founded in 2015. Fully insured and registered you can trust we have got you covered.

Operating from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Grandiflora Gardens services all of Melbourne and rural estates by negotiation. Frequented suburbs include Kew, Brighton, Toorak, Camberwell, the Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley.

The company Director, Elida Beugelaar, has over ten years experience in Victoria’s most elite gardens.

After completing her horticultural qualifications, Elida has worked for many well established and well reputed Landscape Design and Maintenance businesses. This has enabled her to refine her skill set and expand her knowledge base.

Developing a career in horticulture came naturally, with passion for gardens running deep in her veins. Mr. Alister Clark named one of his Rose’s after her Great Grandmother Mrs. Richard Turnbull.

Elida has travelled extensively, experiencing many of the world greatest gardens and landscapes. She has learned pruning techniques and design tricks which she can apply in your garden today.

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